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IV Nutrition

Boosting your nutrient intake is no longer a challenge when intravenous (IV) therapy is there. At FirstMD VIP, our medical experts are well trained in IV infusion administration for active treatments, wellness routines, or ongoing conditions. Our team will address your concerns and tailor the procedure according to your unique needs to ensure your IV infusion goes smoothly with a stellar experience at every visit. Schedule an in-person or online appointment for a consultation today.

Would you like to undergo IV therapy? Head over to FirstMD VIP center & we’re here to recommend the personalized IV infusion according to your unique healthcare needs. Just sit back, relax, and recover!

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

IV infusion therapy offers personalized-formulated crucial antioxidants, electrolytes, vitamins, and amino acids directly into the bloodstream. Oral administration achieves only 15-40% absorption, while IV administration is effective in achieving 100% absorption.

Depending on the type of IV infusion that you receive, you may experience:

Increased energy

Improved athletic performance


Better skin quality

Reduced stress

Relief from allergy, flu, and cold symptoms

Stronger immunity

Optimal weight loss

Faster healing following a surgery or an injury

During the initial consultation, our medical expert will assess your signs and symptoms, medical history, and objectives for IV therapy. Once they recommend the personalized-formulated IV infusion according to your unique needs, you will be asked to sit in a comfortable recliner. Next, you will be administered the personalized IV infusion which will take around 60-90 minutes.

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