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Cancer Screening

Our cancer screening practices are based on the best available medical information, adapted to the needs of each patient . In addition to our desire to use the most effective screenings methods, we prioritize patient safety and minimizing patient discomfort and family stress in all of our recommendations. The methods are based on the latest medical evidence and are adapted to the needs of each patient. In patients whom we find pre-malignant lesions and tumors, these screenings are enabling early intervention and treatment, and ultimately are leading to improved survival and decreased treatment-related chronic health issues.

Screening results are shared promptly with families and with other relevant medical team members including primary care providers. We recognize the process of screening can be stressful for patients and their families, which is why psychology and social work support are critical components of our services.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Cancer screening is a medical attempt to find cancer or the changes that may lead to cancer at the earliest possible point, before symptoms develop, in order to remove or treat these abnormal cells before they can cause illness or perhaps shorten a person’s life. A screening test does not itself treat cancer but can start the process by which cancers are diagnosed and treated.

Panels of health care experts examine the published results of clinical investigations and determine whether a particular test is beneficial or not helpful; recommendations are made by consensus. In some instances, there may as yet not be enough information to decide if a test is useful. Guidelines are meant to assist making good decisions about health care but they are not ironclad rules.

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