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Customized plans to achieve weight loss

Weight Management

Losing weight can be challenging with so much conflicting, misinformation available (ie. On the internet, diet books, weight loss products and in the media). With weight loss, it is desirable to lose only body fat and not lean muscle mass, nor temporary water weight.

Losing just body fat involves a making livable lifestyle changes versus a temporary quick fix “diet” that is not realistic for following in the long term. Taking off just body fat may be slower, but, also can provide longer lasting results.

We can assist you with offering a balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats and information of the roles that they play in the body. We look at healthy food choices, portion sizes, meal timing, snack ideas, eating on the run and eating out in general. In addition, we explore the role of exercise, eating in moderation and emotional eating.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve certified and trained professional who can help you achieve your health goal like weight loss by offering the right medical-grade support and encouragement on time. 

During the 30-minutes initial consultation, our FirstMD VIP health coach

1: Listens to your concerns

2: Detailed discussion on how a health coach can help you achieve your health goals

3: Set realistic health goals

4: Technology support, if required

5: Discussion about follow-up visits

With our help, you can achieve and maintain your health goals while becoming the healthiest self. The benefits include:

1: Better decision making

2: Offer ongoing accountability and support

3: Better consistent sleep

4: Promote healthy changes in lifestyle

5: Better knowledge of exercise and diet choices

6: Offers the right solution to your ongoing challenges

7: Equip you with the right resources to achieve your health goals on time

8: Empower you to manage your health condition

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