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Personalized Healthcare for you and your loved ones

Personal Concierge Medicine

Get unlimited office and telehealth visits as well as direct care from your doctor without worrying about copays and other charges. if you have a major health problem, your doctor coordinates specialist referrals and/or hospital care as needed.

Having your doctor’s number at your fingertips can be reassuring, especially during these extraordinary times. We know your time is valuable, so our practice caters to your schedule. When you require urgent medical attention, it is a relief to know you are first in line. Our doctors will come directly to you to close-up a laceration, assess a minor injury or administer treatment for an illness on-the-spot. By eliminating waiting rooms from the equation, patients are seen promptly in a comfortable setting that also allows them to avoid unnecessary exposure to germs. Many times, a simple phone call to your FirstMD VIP provider can solve the problem — saving you time, money and worry.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

We offer only one membership plan – $2000 / annually

1: Executive physical which can last 60-90 minutes typically

2: Comprehensive wellness program including laboratory testing

3: Cardiovascular risk assessment

4: Biometric evaluation and weight management

5: Personalized treatment plan designed for healthier you

6: Nutrition evaluation and counseling

7: Episodic care / urgent visits – usually same day Tele-medicine visits

8: Chronic medical condition management

Diabetes Mellitus


Cardiovascular disease

High cholesterol (Hyperlipedemia)

Asthma and seasonal allergies

Cerebrovascular disease

Gastroenterology problems

9: Other chronic diseases

Minor surgical procedures

Simple Laceration repair

Ingrowing Toenail removal
Skin lesion removal or destruction (warts, skin tag)

EKG for patient over 40
Coronary Calcium Score (Heart Scan) as per physician

Immunization such as Flu, Hepatitis, Meningococcal etc

During your visit with our primary care physician, you can expect to receive a comprehensive exam and health screening, and a detailed discussion with your doctor on preventive care, wellness, nutrition and fitness. You may also receive referrals to specialists if needed.

Our staff will work with you to schedule a convenient appointment time. Providers will be available to patients via phone or email.

The fee is due at sign up or you can set up a quarterly deduction from your bank account. 

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Feel welcome to visit our clinic directly with any of your general or medical enquiry.We are open Mon - Friday 08:00 am - 04:00 pm (Televisits available for after hours and weekends)

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